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My story began on March 23rd in 1989 in Kempten, South Germany. That´s also where I spent my childhood and parts of my youth until I moved to NYC with a dollar and a dream of becoming a professional musician and designer. 

That´s exactly where I first got into acting out of curiosity when I was 18 years old only to find out that this day would change my life forever.


From that day on I couldn't see myself doing anything else to be exact!

So I had to go after my dreams...

But how? As a struggling artist with little to no money...

Well, I always knew that if I want to be taken seriously and eventually become an A-list actor I have to work my way up to the top starting with gaining experience and sooner or later attending a drama school for several years.

Goals that seemed so far away from a three bedroom apartment in the Adams Housing Projects in the South Bronx where I lived with my girlfriend, her cousin, her husband and their three kids at the time.

Needles to say that I wasn't able to afford any of those acting schools back then.

But why wait for a miracle? Let´s gain some experience by doing student projects and extra work with the goal to slowly but surely build a showreel. while I am working my ass off as a tattoo artist and graphic designer (which I went to school for back in Germany) to safe up as much money as possible.

Years went by and i decided to return to Germany for while where my graphic design business took off and made it possible for me to attend the Munich Film Academy for three years where I successfully graduated from in February 2017 and got one step closer to my dream.

While in Germany I had the pleasure to work on several national projects.

My ultimate dream though was to always go international so I quickly packed the little that I had and made my biggest move yet by moving to Hollywood in May 2017. Even though my base is in LA and I definitely settled here, bought a house in the famous laurel canyon and feel at home here I travel to Germany pretty much every two months for auditions and work!


To be continued.... 

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